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TeaTalks & Community Conversations

An Asset-Based Community Development & Co-production Project with storytelling at its core, TeaTalks is the foundation of our work. Participants both one to one and groups are invited to a conversation around tea and hot buttered toast. This can be both in the physical or multimedia digital world. We document and share their stories, thoughts and ideas through multimedia storytelling to inspire personal, community and systems change.



1 Minute Stories

snapshots from an extrodinary-ordinary world

1 Minute Stories

1 Minute Stories is an storytelling creative project by myself, Kane Dodgson. On my travels and adventures exploring communities through Journal. I meet so many incredible extraordinary-ordinary people doing great things to improve their own or others lives. I am privileged to have the opportunity to hear so many stories of courage, triumph, good ideas and examples of wonderfully great and kind things. So I decided to document snapshots of these stories along the way.


working out loud

Working Out Loud

A reflective learning Journal

Working Out Loud

Working out loud is the art of self reflection but shared authentically with others. I first practiced this concept in the world of Counselling & Psychotherapy. Then it was known as therapeutic Supervision and later Reflective Practice In short it is the process of discussing a piece of work in progress sharing successes and failures reflecting on these using new learning to shape better outcomes or ideas. The process is not just about improving professional development it is equally about self or personal development. It is about wearing your thoughts and feelings on your sleeve and inviting others to look transparently and add to the discussion of where you are at. To Work out loud is to air your mind and sometimes your soul with inviting them to participate and add to your development. This project is about working out loud with all of you.


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