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Kane Dodgson

A short Story


I am the founder and program director of  Journal. My passions are Mental Health, Creative Communication and Community Development. I have lived on both sides of the therapist chair. My life has been an equal mixture of adventure & chaos. I have a grown up Daughter, Partner & two slightly bonkers but lovable rescue dogs. This is my family and they matter most to me.

Professional Background

At 30 I (through a tale of synchronicity) I became a qualified practising professional therapist, specializing in Loss & Grief, Depression and Childhood Trauma. Since 2010 my passion has become more focused on the power of human story and its benefits to both the storyteller and the community. Since 2010 I have been involved in the meaningful design & co-production of local, regional & national projects. 

Creative Skills

I am a creative person, both in a practical artistic sense as well as in a problem-solving way. As a younger adult, I designed album covers for independent bands and record labels, illustrated magazines and books as well as delivering community and street art projects. A serious accident and subsequent brain injury took away those physical practical skills and along with it everything that was my identity. Since then I have taught myself digital, graphics and media design skills. I deeply value the power that art, creativity, storytelling & a cup of tea can have in changing lives and communities.


One of the things I love the most in the world is to Travel, far and wide and off the beaten track. I have been all over the world on a budget and enjoy the inspiration and hearts of all the different people and cultures I meet. I am not a sit by the pool kind of person. 

Never Judge a book by its cover

In one world, I am that guy in a bobble hat with a tiny project. In another I am that guy in conversations with social and organisational leaders. I have also recently found myself (quite by accident) immersed in the world of Social Leadership, sitting as equals with those at the top of the towers. Under the guidance of Julian Stodd & SeaSalt Learning's  'Explorer of the Social Age' development program I am expanding on the power of Storytelling to improve or change community and systems. 

We searched the world for people who really embody kindness or have an inspiring story to share, and we chose Kane (Journal)
— Al Kelsey Gryniewicz, The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation