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Our Story

Journal re-established 2018

If you don't know where to start...Start with today.

It's Sunday today. I do love Sundays, they have always been my most favourite day of the week. Its a pattern, a story that I picked up from a childhood living in poverty. There are no bills or debt collectors on a Sunday. If your living in that position now, I cannot urge you enough to have a day off from the constant grind of 'poverty letterbox door knocking worry' and enjoy finding peace with yourself and your family. Make up a few sandwiches and get out for a walk. Change begins with the smallest and what at first, seems like unconnected steps.

So yes, its Sunday and I am writing this with headphones on, music loud and a cup of sweet Indian Tea. My name is Kane Dodgson, founder & tea drinker at Journal, a community not for profit, kind of project. Project is probably not quite the right word as that would imply that we have some kind of long term strategy or plan with clearly defined goals and outcomes and measures and statistics and all that.  Something purposefully avoided.

A better description would be to explain that we are a multimedia storyteller organisation and we are, kind of, but not fully that. A more detailed professional explanation would include my psychotherapy background and the therapeutic stuff going on behind the scenes or about our exploration into ideas and thoughts for personal and community social change with our roots in asset based community development and co-production, but I would rather not. After all, its Sunday and right now i am listening to 'Disco Devil' by  Lee "Scratch" Perry.

So for now, this kind of sums up a bit of what we do;-

Drinking tea, whilst documenting conversation, story, thoughts and ideas with the inspiring, extrodinary people we meet everyday, on what matters most to them.

Whats the purpose without a predefined plan?

The process itself is cathartic for all involved, its therapeutic, all meaningful conversation and stories are. You only have to watch any story with a David versus Goliath archetypal theme  to know how powerful a meaningful story is and how it can change your perceptions about something or someone. The very process itself of feeling seen, heard, understood and accepted is validated through storytelling and sharing of meaningful conversation and debate.

There is also something quite overlooked today and that is;- The solution to all our personal and community problems comes from within, they are buried deep inside us unheard and unseen. We can change the very nature of how we feel about ourselves and of others by sharing story from differing positions and perspectives, such as shifting our attention on the story from one of  weakness to one of strength.

So I mentioned we have no plan and that is true in the traditional sense. Our plan for what Journal will be and will deliver in the future is to be determined by the people we meet and those that participate in our exploration of community story experiment. In short we will build and shape things from what we learn from sharing story with our communities. Its my plan to share all this learning and our own reflections openly and to encourage all to add to their own and our own story through a "Working Out Loud" process. 

It will either work or it wont, we shall see.


Kane Dodgson

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