TeaTalks & Conversations

TeaTalks at The Space (Blackpool)

TeaTalks at The Space (Blackpool)

TeaTalks & Community Conversations

TeaTalks are a series of recorded and analysed conversations and debates (yes we will be filming and taking photos) that create actionable (doable) outcomes. The concept is to hold open debates that flow rather than setting formally structured interview questions. (Interviews are not much fun, like pulling teeth for everyone). This means that we really have no idea what will come out of the night, wich, in this structured society is a little free and exciting, right?.

Great but whats the point to all this?

It is not about taking away your ideas but rather putting all our ideas together."

Expressive Citizens TeaTalk, Blackpool

Expressive Citizens TeaTalk, Blackpool

Heres some Theory.

I uses a creative approach to an Asset Based Community development Model to generate personal, interpersonal, community and social change from the Grassroots up, not the Top layers down.

  • We are going to debate a few things such as;-

  • "What Matters Most to You and your community?"

  • Whats wrong and whats strong about your community?

  • what you would like to see, grow or change?

  • What you can do and what you would like to do?

  • What skills, tools, experiences and ideas have you got hiding away in there?

  • How can we can all work together to create some kind of meaningful change?

A TeaTalk Conversation in Middlesbrough

A TeaTalk Conversation in Middlesbrough

The idea is this;-

 people in their communities have all the resources and skills (assets) to effect change within themselves and their communities. Community Action is best driven by people from the ground up rather than the top down (Local Authorities, Large Charities and Other BigWigs). It is about not only being listened to, but deeply heard. It is not about taking away your ideas but rather putting all our ideas together. It is in short, about value and respect.

TeaTalks in a Munich Beirkeller

TeaTalks in a Munich Beirkeller

Problem solving with your community

So, by the end of each TeaTalk workshop, I hope at the very least, you will have had a fun evening and feel personally enriched, connected and inspired. I also hope that you or your organisation, project of group has a wealth of new and exciting ideas on what and how to grow and change. Maybe we might come up with a project idea itself on the night, one that we can all work together to facilitate positive change. At the very least you will have taken part in community consultation unlike any other you may have been to.You will laugth, hear stories, debate, inspire and be inspired. You will discover assets you either didnt know you had or you will find the courage to bring them out into the light. You will definately have lots of cups of tea and just possible a few rounds of toast, I may even throw in a biscuite or two.

An Integrated TeaTalk with Bohemia’s Open Day.

An Integrated TeaTalk with Bohemia’s Open Day.

TeaTalks & what they can do for your Organisation

TeaTalks explore your internal or external community its passions, skills, ideas, and concerns. Through a non-scripted organic process with plenty of tea and toast, I will shine a light on individual lived experiences, passions, ideas, fears and concerns to generate an authentic and honest account of what people feel and experience your chosen topic. We will explore personal, interpersonal and systems change of the presented issue or problem. Some key points that a TeaTalk can achieve are as follows;-

Citizens voices and discussions

  • Truth to Power

  • Ideas generation and problem-solving

  • Lived experience contributions

  • Personal, Professional, Systems Development

  • skills & assets audit

  • motivation for change

  • evaluation & research

  • increased empathy concepts

  • Connecting & working together

Interested in finding out what your community, community of interest or workforce thinks, feels as well as see what genius ideas they hae to your problems?

Please contact me at your convinience