TeaTalks : Talking about Mental Health Services.

TeaTalks & Community Conversations. (Season 01, Episode 01) Talking about Mental Health Services.

Season One opens with highlights of spontaneous conversations around 'Mental Health Systems and Services'. Filmed at Crafty B's arts and crafts table in Central Library Blackpool, people with lived experience of Mental Health Systems discuss the good, as well as the not so great stuff that might need some adjustments and improvements.

TeaTalks & Community Conversations (Season 01, Episode 01) Talking about Mental Health Services Season One opens with conversations about Mental Health Systems and services. Filmed at Crafty B's art table in Central Library Blackpool, people with lived experience of Mental Health Systems discuss the good as well as the stuff that might need improving.
“less questions, More Conversations”

Crafty B's

Crafty B's is a genuine grassroots community in action project. It is a true 100% project that is both founded and run by people who have lived experience of poor mental health and emotional well-being difficulties. Crafty B's was born from the heart of the community when two ladies (Tracey & Sherri) sat down over a cup of tea and decided to do something about the high levels of Mental Health in their community. With a deep understanding of the experience of isolation and loneliness they decided to do something about it over a cup of tea, laughter and some crafty glue based arty stuff.

Season 1

Season 1 takes place in public spaces. Alongside Tracey & Sherri of Crafty B,s there are also 5 other citizens with long-term mental health experiences (off camera) taking an active part in the debates and sharing story.

Spontaneous as TeaTalks are, the process certainly opened up some rich honest conversation at the table and intrigued the general public. With an unexpected pop-up audience gathering, a debate about mental health continued off camera and spread out into the audience itself.

Storytelling in conversation is a powerful tool.

TeaTalks & Community Conversations.

TeaTalks & Community Conversations are recorded conversations that take place in community settings. With the motto "less questions, More Conversations" The process is non-linear and organic and is facilitated but not controlled by Journal. I extract learning and information from the conversation content and edit the highlights in cartoon form (for many reasons) and place these ideas out into the world.

Kane Dodgson

The Journal Project