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TeaTalks & community Conversations;

Talking about Social Anxiety & Mental Health Adam is 18. Whilst many young people are preparing for their future, having adventures, forming relationships, love, or just worrying about what to wear for the next night out...Adams life tumbled down the rabbit hole into a living nightmare of Groundhog Day futility. In this short story, Adam tells us of his Journey down the rabbit hole and how he through his own courage and choices climbed out of that hole and up a mountain. Filmed in soft focus technicolor with wonderful ambient music by Solar Fields


TeTalks & Community Conversations Season 1, Episode 2:

Talking about mental health assessments; features highlights and summary of why people with lived experience of mental health and mental health systems feel the present assessment process needs to evolve and change, its lack of real tangible value and what needs to replace this.

Our Community: Grassroots Blackpool.

Blackpool's vibrant Grassroots community. A Grassroots community consists of Non-Profit projects, small businesses, individuals and group of like minded peers who come together to provide activities, support, help and kindness to others in their community often for free.


TeaTalks & Community Conversations (Season 01, Episode 01)

Talking about Mental Health Services Season One opens with conversations about Mental Health Systems and services. People with lived experience of Mental Health Systems discuss the good as well as the stuff that might need improving.



TeaTalks & Community Conversations: Preview Season 1.

A small preview of a forthcoming series of filmed community conversations. Giving a voice to our community, encouraging conversation, debate or the sharing of experience & story can have profound effects on the well-being of participants and provide a rich source of ideas for encouraging more positive and inclusive communities.


Our Community: Tracy (Crafty B's).

Tracy is one of those ladies who give so much back to her community (Blackpool). As well as running (alongside partner in crime Sherri) Crafty B's Art and Talk group from Central Library Blackpool, she also raises money for our charity and good causes.



StoryWork : Mr Miller.

Mr.Miller is a wordsmith, an exceptional singer-song writer from Blackpool who has been caught up in a multiple complex life for many years. Through working with Blackpool Fulfilling Lives Mr.Miller has re-discovered his love for music and in just a few months period is back gigging again after many years of absence.


Our Community: Bohemia.

Bohemia is a project based in Blackpool, England created by a partnership of people from three grassroots organizations (Naked, wild & free, The gathering fields & elephant, creative thinking).


StoryWork : Tracy.

Tracy lived a very complex & difficult life with its problems originating in her early childhood experiences. Without support Tracy's life spiralled out of control. So, can people change from the most chaotic in society to healthy happy contributors to our community? This is Tracy's story.......


Our Community: Wayne & The National Expert Citizens Group.

The NECG is an independent body of people who are in or have recovered from multiple complex issues such as a combination of mental health & addiction, or homelessness or other life disabling issues.